Often the first impression people get when entering a building is based upon the appearance, and apparent safety, of the lifts.

The interior appearance of the lifts and the quality of the ride can reassure people that they are in a quality building.

There are many different combinations of materials that can be used in lift interiors.  We use glass, ceramic, vinyl and carpet tiles, melamine/maltica, stainless steel and broadloom carpet amongst other things to gain the desired effect.  We’ve also been utilizing the new LED technology for the interior lighting which saves energy and eliminates the need for separate emergency lights which are usually unsightly and detract from the overall effect.

Here are a few of the lifts we’ve upgraded for our clients. The finished results were well received and have worn very well.

If a lift car interior is well designed and the right materials are used the end result should look good and wear well lasting at least 10-15 years.