Our profile

Ampco is an experienced, professional lift maintenance and electrical services company, dedicated to providing you with superior service at a competitive price.

Let Ampco look after your lifts and you’ll enjoy:

the expertise and advice of specialists who have driven improvements in lift servicing and safety at the highest level (OSH and nationally accepted industry standards)
superior customer service and technical support from the best lift maintenance company in Wellington
the best lift and electrical advice, service and maintenance, at the most competitive price
a quick, reliable response to your problems from an Ampco elevator expert, 24 hours a day
a comprehensive maintenance programme, specifically designed for your building, which ensures minimum disruption to your building users
improved lift reliability, which translates into fewer grumpy lift users!
peace of mind, because you know that you’re working with a well established company you can trust.
Ampco can provide you with:

  • full elevator and electrical services and maintenance
  • advice and consultancy on new buildings, full or limited refurbishment, or upgrades to your current lifts or electrical systems
  • troubleshooting and expertise to solve your electrical issues
  • retail fit-out
  • lighting upgrades and re-lamping
  • lighting inspections and luminance (LUX) testing
  • selected IQP inspection and certification services

Ampco – the company

Formed in 2001, Ampco Lift and Electrical Services Ltd is a privately owned New Zealand company which was set up specifically to raise the standard in elevator maintenance. Formed as a result of the frustration at decreasing lift maintenance standards and spiraling lift maintenance costs, the company has spent the last six years thriving in the competitive lift maintenance market. The majority of referrals currently come to Ampco via word of mouth from highly satisfied customers. Ampco Electrical, the foundation partnership for the current company, has also been successfully assisting property owners throughout the greater Wellington region with electrical refurbishment work for many years.

Ampco – the elevator expert team

The Ampco team brings more than 80 years of combined experience to the elevator industry and electrical market. Staff are headhunted and handpicked to ensure you receive expert analysis, advice and practical expertise through the extensive experience they have in their respective fields.

Managing Director, Tony Skews, is a registered electrician with more than 25 years experience in both the elevator and electrical industries. He has represented Central region on the national safety committee, and oversaw the implementation of the elevator safety regimes now endorsed by OSH as the accepted standard within New Zealand. Having previously managed more than 25 staff and 800 lifts prior to coming to Ampco, Tony is currently responsible for the company’s day to day and strategic operations, and drives the improvements in lift standards.

Elevator expert, Hank Slobbe, has been nicknamed ‘The Lift Geek’, because he’s more at home in a moving steel box than anywhere else! Specifically headhunted to keep the hassle and expense out of your technical lift maintenance, Hank spent more than 25 years working for the world’s largest manufacturer of vertical transportation systems – and his expertise is legendary. Formerly the field engineer responsible for national training, he’s the man everyone calls for advice and engineering strategies when they can’t figure out their own problems.

Electrician, Nick Joe, will also bring more than 25 years of experience in the electrical and elevator construction and service industries to your company. A skilled people manager, Nick is the organisational and planning expert on the Ampco team.


Ampco – the alliances

Ampco has forged strategic alliances with highly skilled and experienced industry related manufacturers, suppliers and allied industries, to ensure you enjoy the highest levels of reliability and performance. With Ampco’s strategic alliances you can rely on:

availability of parts for the vast majority of lift and electrical systems in New Zealand
prompt delivery and installation of parts from reputable suppliers, sourced mainly in the USA and Asia
off the shelf or custom designed lift décor and sound systems, to enhance the aesthetic appeal and unique experience of riding in your lift
Ampco – in partnership with you

From the moment work starts, to the moment it is completed, Ampco works in partnership with you, providing continuous professional advice at every stage of the project. We view maintenance of your lift equipment and electrical systems as a partnership – forged with you to enhance the long term value of your lift and electrical assets.